UGG Unveils its Vision for a Regenerative Future with New Collection

The globally recognized lifestyle brand, UGG, underscores its commitment to sustainable initiatives with the launch of the Regenerate by UGG™ collection.

UGG is taking a significant stride towards its sustainability objectives and the creation of environmentally conscious products through its latest venture into regenerative agriculture. The fashion industry’s supply chains and agriculture are closely linked, often leading to harmful farming practices as raw materials are transformed into consumer goods. UGG is committed to addressing this issue by not only ensuring its practices are ethical and responsible, but also pledging to help convert one million acres of grassland into regenerative farmland by 2025.

Regenerative agricultural practices allow farming to coexist harmoniously with nature, promoting soil restoration, wildlife diversity, carbon capture, and land preservation for future generations. As part of this forward-thinking initiative, UGG has established a long-term grant with The Savory Institute, aiming to stimulate the widespread regeneration of the world’s grasslands and improve the lives of its inhabitants through holistic management.

UGG has already contributed to the restoration of 310,000 acres of sheep farms in Australia. In addition to restoring one million acres, UGG plans to launch the Regenerate by UGG collection in October 2023. This collection will feature sheepskin from farms practicing regenerative agriculture. Furthermore, UGG will donate one percent of all listed retail prices from the collection to The Savoy Institute, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability.

In a recent conversation with Fairchild Studio, Nicks Ericsson, Senior Director of Brand Purpose at UGG and Deckers brands, discussed the launch of the Regenerate by UGG collection, UGG’s progressive approach to sustainability, and the significance of regenerative farming practices.

Ericsson explained that UGG acknowledges its impact as a global fashion brand and aims to leverage its scale for the greater good. The brand’s commitment to materials sourced from farms practicing regenerative agriculture comes after an evaluation of their total ecological footprint, which revealed that the majority of their emissions are tied to their materials.

The Regenerate by UGG collection is a milestone in UGG’s journey of environmental preservation. It represents the brand’s dedication to crafting long-lasting products and urges customers to make the most of their purchases through services like UGGRenew. Ericsson also highlighted UGG’s commitment to transitioning the Australian sheep farming industry to regenerative farming practices.

The upcoming Regenerate by UGG collection reflects UGG’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. It combines everything consumers love about UGG’s classic silhouettes with a commitment to Earth-friendly practices. UGG recognizes that its iconic material, premium sheepskin, offers an opportunity to positively influence the planet by sourcing from farms practicing regenerative agriculture.

For UGG, sustainability-focused consumers are an important target audience. The Regenerate by UGG collection, crafted with materials sourced from farms practicing regenerative agriculture, meets their desire for environmentally friendly products that also look and feel great.

The collection features regeneratively sourced sheepskin and uses renewable sugarcane EVA for outsoles. UGG has also collaborated with creative individuals and influencers in the sustainability community to promote the collection and raise awareness for regenerative agriculture.

UGG’s efforts underline a significant lesson for other brands: the fashion industry must address its role in promoting harmful farming practices. The industry must understand its connection to agricultural practices and work towards mitigating the climate crisis. Through partnerships and collective action, the journey towards a more sustainable future can be accelerated.

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